Alabama Fan Orders Wedding Cake With Nick Saban Riding Elephant But His Bride, A Florida Fan, Totally Gets The Last Laugh

//“Hi, yes, I’m calling about getting a custom made groom’s cake for my wedding. You’re going to need a pen and paper. I want a sheet cake made to look like a football field with the Alabama Crimson Tide in the end zones. No, I’m not done. I want Nick Saban riding a giant elephant holding the BCS trophy. Yeah, she knows, and she’s totally cool with it. My name is Robert Sabin and I’ll be there to pick it up in May.”  

[One day later]

“Hi, this Robert Sabin’s fiancee, and I’m calling about his groom’s cake. I need to change the colors of the cake’s layers. Are you familiar with the Florida Gators?”


[via KROD]