Baylor Frat Party Video Shows That Baptist Bros Get TURNT and Rage Their Faces Off Too


Very confused by this video of a frat party at Baylor University. See, I know absolutely nothing about Baylor other than the fact that RG3 went there, it’s in Waco, and it’s always fiendishly good at football and basketball. But I thought it was some sort of private conservative Christian school, where parties like the one pictured in this video would be strictly forbidden. I mean… They got  Waka Flocka Flame to show up to this party, who like to rap about gettin‘ turnt and other ratchet miscellany. Take the lyrics to his song “Lurkin“:

Twenty Twelve to after life
Higher then a motherfucker
Partying With Jesus Christ
Hold on trap
Hold on trap
Try TM shit one more time
Please my nigga
Fuck wrong with dis nigga man?
Nigga over seas
Nigga over there throwing show
Nigga ain’t givin’ money
You nigga talking crazy
Fuck wrong with these niggas

How poetic! Anyway, I thought Baylor was one of those schools like BYU where you get kicked out for getting your bang on. Way to prove me wrong with your ratchetness, Baylor.

[H/T: TFM]

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