Spoiled Girl Blows Through Parents’ $90K College Fund On Crap, Says It’s ‘Their Fault For Not Teaching Her To Budget’

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Every now and then a story comes along that makes me think “There’s no way in hell this is real, right?” but then I take a step back, read it in its entirety and realize that the world is doomed because something like 90% of the population is fucking worthless. Case in point: 22-year-old college junior Kim, a student who blew through the $90,000 college fund that her grandparents set up for her. What did she spend it on? Clothes and trips to Europe, obviously. Now she has $0 left but one year of college left to pay for. Smart move lil’ lady.

“Maybe they should have taught me how to budget a little more carefully,” 22-year-old college junior Kim said on “The Bert Show.” “They never sat me down and had like a real serious talk about it. They said there was nothing they could do to help me anyway. They’re not being honest with me and saying they don’t have [money], because my dad has worked for like a million years, and they have a retirement account.”(via)

Your dad shouldn’t have to dip into his retirement account to pay for your schooling when you had NINETY THOUSAND DOLLARS to pay for it in the first place! Maybe sell some of the designer bags you wasted the money on to pay for what school you’ve got left, huh? I’m hoping her parents leave her to sink or swim, because it’s shit like this that a. builds character and b. teaches the real lessons in life.

[H/T Fox News]