The Bros Who Filmed The Controversial Alabama Sorority Video Provide Hilarious Commentary In This Funny Or Die Vid

by 4 years ago

Last week, we posted arguably the hottest sorority recruitment video we’ve ever laid eyes on, by way of the University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi. If you can make it through the first 30 seconds without getting a hard on, check your pulse, you may be dead.

The video went viral over the internets and while most people (me) thought it was a divine gift from God, the internet outrage machine churned out some disparaging opinions about the sorority being too homogenous (aka with the exception of like three, they were all extraordinarily hot blonde dopplegangers of each other.)

The video prompted writer A.L. Bailey to write an op-ed entitled “‘Bama sorority video worse for women than Donald Trump,” claiming it to be “hyper-feminine,” “reductive,” and “objectifying.” (Brandon wrote a whole post about it here.)

Well, Griffin Meyer and Mitch Malecki, the minds behind the controversial video decided to give some behind-the-scences commentary on what went into the making of the masterpiece. They are southern bros to the T and their narration is hilarious.

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