College Bro Flies First Class Around The World For Only $300 By Gaming The System, Spends Entire Trip Drinking

When it comes to booking travel arrangements, most of us (read: me) are lazy. Would I rather spend $400 and have a 5-hour layover in bumblefuck nowhere, or spend $500 and get a direct flight? Direct flight no doubt. Layovers are the bane of everyone’s existence and god forbid your originating flight takes off a few hours late, because then that 5-hour layover just turned into a 24-hour one since you’re now stuck shloggin’ it out in a rented bedroom on a pig farm since the local airport doesn’t even have its own hotel. Fucking peasants.

For Sam Huang, however, layovers are his bread and butter. Without ‘em plus a few casual frequent flyer miles and what I’m assuming has to be a helluva lot of patience, Huang was able to fly first class on an 11-city, 7-country and 5-contintent trip, all on Emirates Airlines. According to Huang, the trip should’ve cost about $60,000 but he was able to pull it off for $300. According to Total Frat Move,

His method was pretty simple. He booked a flight from New York to Melbourne with extended layovers in Milan, Dubai, Sydney, Auckland, and Singapore. Not much of a loophole, but apparently Emirates is dumb enough to let that shit fly. Literally.

Basically it’s the same loophole that Skiplagged uses, but times a million.

So what did Huang do on his trip? Did he see national landmarks, meet new people and bathe himself in foreign cultures in order to make himself a more cultured person?

Maybe. Possibly. Eh…looks like he got shitfaced more often than all that other crap. Wouldn’t you do the same?

[H/T Total Frat Move via Sam Huang]