College Paper Unveils Funny As Hell Game Dedicated To ‘Fckbys’ Wearing Summer Shorts In Winter

As the weather turns from cool to crisp, college campuses will be bountiful with young men sporting their new cords, most expensive denim or just the freshest pair of wind pants ever to “zip zip zip” across campus.

Of course, there’s always those few bros who insist on still wearing shorts even when the temp dips into MILF numbers and lower. If you’re a hot blooded mammal, and the cargos keep you comfy in the winter months, by all means BUT leave the fucking pastels and crab prints in the drawers until spring.

Columbia University seems to have an abundance or warm color short wearing men cruising across campus. So many that they’ve dubbed them “fckbys” (campus code for fuckboys) and created this hilarious game of FCKBY Bingo to play while walking to 9am classes or while getting grub in the student union.

Spectrum proudly presents Fckby Bingo!!! I mean, at least one thing good has to come out of all these fuckboys wearing preppy, pastel, Vineyard Vine shorts around campus right? This weekend, take a perch on Low Steps and time how long it takes for you to hit BINGO!

They’re even asking student to help chronicle the best of the brightest on their Instagram account.

We can’t let Columbia have all the fun so here’s their FCKBY Bingo board. Feel free to play on your own campus.

[via Columbia Spectator]

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