Are You A College Student? Perfect, Please Read This

by 3 years ago
College Student 2015


This May marked the fifteenth (yes, 1 and 5) year I’ve been out of college. I graduated in 2000 with a degree in communication and absolutely zero idea what I wanted to do with my life. It’s 2015 and nothing has changed.

Nothing has changed except the college experience.

The first time around I almost failed out after two semesters. I’m pretty sure if I attended college in 2015, I’d fail out in a month. There are far too many distractions, possibilities and ways for the average 18-year-old to piss away thousands of dollars of their parent’s money.

Everyday, BroBible post stories about college students. Some stuff is amazing and inspiring and other stuff is borderline criminal. Some of it is literally a criminal offense. The problem with all of those stories is they’re told second hand from a news organization, off Reddit or from a “friend” of a friend who stole it off Facebook. I want to read and learn stuff from the mouths and laptops of actual college students.

For this reason, I’m putting out an open call to all college students. I want to hear your stories. Not your stories about getting laid, getting wasted and getting kicked out of school (unless they’re epic!) but your stories about the daily college grind, what it’s like being a college student in 2015, your hopes, fears, drugs of choice, classes you’re crushing and failing and anything else about your time in an institution of higher learning.

Send your stories to If you’re interesting enough, you’ll hear back from me.

Thanks. And now back to our regularly scheduled teacher scandals and dinosaurs taking dumps.

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