Idiot College Student Throws Girl Off A Roof At A Party To ‘Pump Up The Crowd’, Gets Charged With Assault

I don’t know what the admission requirements are at Bridgewater State University in Bridgeport, Massachusetts. I assume it can’t be *that* hard to get into since a turnt up student literally threw another student off a roof at a party to “pump up the crowd.” That’s not exactly Ivy League behavior. Hell, that’s not even UMass behavior. Via WHDH:

Cell phone video shows a girl dancing on a detached garage roof. Another man climbed on top of the roof and for some reason he decided to push her off.

The roof was about ten feet from the ground.

The girl managed to land in the arms of many of the party-goers. She wasn’t seriously hurt. She did have some bruises, but declined medical attention.

Police say the initially lost the girl in the crowd.

“Officers dispersed the crowd, dispersed the party. The victim, the lady who got thrown off the roof, actually got lost in the crowd. Our officers put it on our Twitter page and about 15 minutes later she contacted us,” said a Bridgewater Police official.

He told authorities he pushed her from the roof when he was up there trying to “pump up the crowd.” Meanwhile, he’s being charged for assault because of the incident.

Marquez was arraigned on Monday on one count of assault and batter with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery and disorderly conduct. He pleaded not guilty and was held on $5,000 cash bail. He is scheduled to appear again in court on Sept. 17.

Hey idiot, YOLO-loving college kids — Project X was just a movie, not real life where there are consequences for such things. In real life, when you do something “legendary!” like potentially hurting a person at a party, you end up with it on your record and potential jail time.

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[H/T: Death & Taxes]

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