Bro Takes The Cook In His College Dining Hall Flying For The First Time, Gets ALL Of The Feels

Nothing — absolutely nothing — makes my blood boil more than when college kids act like spoiled, entitled pricks to their hard-working dining hall staff. I.E.: The drunk bacon jalapeno mac and cheese prick at UConn. These guys are working their butts off to make sure college kids can eat a good meal at their convenience. They always tend to be really cool, friendly people with great attitudes, too. College kids can learn a lot from them as human beings.

A Bro on YouTube named Jason has a little video series where he films himself completing items on his bucketlist. He asked Eric, the chef at his dorm dining hall, what he dreams he could do.


Since growing wings isn’t an option and jetpacks are pretty expensive for broke college students, Jason arranged to take him in a plane for his very first flight. Eric gets choked up to the point of tears by the gesture, which hit me in the guy like a ton of emotional bricks.

Very Bro move.

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