Cow Escapes Agriculture Department At University Of Kentucky, Terrorizes Campus

Scary, scary story out of Kentucky, where a cow escaped from the confines of the University of Kentucky’s agriculture department and held the school’s Lexington campus hostage for over an hour.

In the video above, you can watch panicked bystanders speculate on the nature of the beast.

“Is that a cow,” they ask, terrified, afraid, their ignorance breeding fear.

Police arrived, unable to stop the demon monster. Look at them helpless. Clueless. Just chilling, really.

When the police are feckless, who do we call on to stop it, to save us from this cow?

A child. 21-year-old Adam Menker, wise beyond his years, owner of a rope. Here he is.

Saving the day.

After he roped the cow around its neck, Menker tied it to a tree, because that’s apparently what you do.

The chairman of the animal and food science department, Richard Coffey, was surprisingly flippant about the scare.

“It’s one of those unfortunate things,” Coffey said. “When you work with livestock, it happens.”

Imagine if George Bush said that after 9/11.

[H/T @ennuigo]