Engineering Bro Writes Letter Explaining How His Female Classmates Are Not His Equals, Is The Real MVP

Jared Mauldin, a senior Mechanical Engineering student at Eastern Washington University, penned a ‘letter to the editors’ for the school newspaper and in it he laid out the perfect explanation of why he and his female classmates are not equals. You’d think that the ‘not his equals’ premise would be a very bad thing, and because we’re completely obsessed with all-things-equality in 2015 many people have flocked to this letter assuming the absolute worst. However, Jared Mauldin’s letter about gender inequality in the field of Engineering is going viral for ALL THE RIGHT REASONS. Here’s that letter:

Since the letter was first published last week it’s gone on to pick up over 72,000 likes on Facebook and nearly 50,000 shares. It’s almost as if the Engineering world was waiting for someone to say these exact words, because it appears as if every engineer alive has already shared the post (and for good reason). The gender inequality in the field of Engineering is second to none, so it’s about damn time someone stood up to to recognize it and make a point of shedding light on an issue that most people don’t even know exists.

Jared Maulding = Bro of the Week.