University Of Florida Bro Trolls Tennessee Fans By Dressing Up As A ‘Stereotypical’ Tennessee Fan, Students Film Him On Yeti Campus

The best thing about being a college football fan is the license it gives you to troll your opponents. College football rivalries are the most spirited rivalries in sports, which means some fans get REALLY into being assholes towards their foes. ESPECIALLY in the SEC, where college football rivalries are taken extra personally.

The Tennessee Volunteers aren’t exactly having the greatest football season — they’re off to a 2-2 start, losing this weekend by a point to Florida, who is now 4-0. To mock Tennessee and their fans before the game, one Florida Bro dressed up as a “stereotypical Tennessee fan” and trolled the living shit out of Rocky Top. His buddy dressed up in a furry bear costume and they mock-humped in the road, resulting in a hilarious confrontation with the Gainesville PD.

A couple college students at UF captured the tailgate shennigans via the Yeti Campus App:

College football season is just the best.

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