University of Florida Girl Has a “Royals” Parody, And You’re Probably Going to Want to Sit Down for This


I don’t know what happened to this girl that made her the way she is, and honestly it’s probably no joking matter. This is not the work of a human being with a firm grasp of reality. Yeah, it’s a sketch-comedy parody of Lorde’s Royals, but it’s also clearly a call for help.

It starts out innocently enough as our Florida protagonist wings a few zingers at hated Florida State. And then comes the Gatorade. Like, lots of Gatorade. More Gatorade than should ever be poured on a person in our post-Flashdance world.

Unlike the real song, this was not inspired by George Brett. This was inspired by something much, much darker.

[H/T: Guyism]