The Florida State Seminoles Are Banning Students From A Time Honored Tradition — The SJWs Win Again

As a graduate of Florida State University I never thought I’d see the day when school administrators threw a tomahawk in school spirit. Effective immediately, Resolution 15 prohibits any student from wearing a Native American ceremonial headdress to athletic events, and any student found wearing a Native American headdress is in violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Even though students and alumni have been wearing Garnet and Gold ceremonial headdresses for over half a century, and Florida State University has the FULL SUPPORT of the Seminole Nation (the one in Florida), the 68th Senate (student government) has passed Resolution 15 after a vote of 27 ‘yes’, 4 ‘no’, and 5 members abstained from voting. reports:

Resolution 15, as described in a document obtained by the FSView, states that “the wearing of any Native American headdresses shall no longer be permitted into athletic arenas at FSU.”
The resolution was voted yes by 27 members, no by four and five abstained.
However, according to the Student Body Statutes (401.1) resolutions are simply “formal expressions of the opinion or will of the Senate,” rather than binding university policy.

The 68th Student Senate does not condone the wearing of headdresses because it inaccurately depicts the culture of the Seminole Tribe and we request that the wearing of headdresses no longer be permitted in any arena or FSU sanctioned event.

The 68th Senate requests inappropriate use of the materials as listed above, constitute a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

First off, fuck this. But before I sound off let’s at least talk about why this is happening.

The crux of the controversy here is that the type of headdresses worn by students to FSU football games and other sporting events are most similar to the headdresses of tribes hailing from the Great Plains, and students don’t often wear the traditional Seminole headdress. Therefore the social justice warriors currently ruling the student senate at my alma mater found it necessary to outlaw all students from wearing any sort of Native American headdresses at all…So here’s what I propose:

For every home game in the Fall we alumni show up wearing the same Garnet and Gold ceremonial headdresses that we’ve been wearing for decades. Every single one of us, not just a handful of alumni. If you don’t own one then get your ass out there and buy one, because we’re protesting the SJWs sitting on the student senate.

We alumni aren’t ruled by the Student Code of Conduct and we need to stick with tradition. Fuck this Student Senate…Who’s with me?

For what it’s worth, everything in this article expresses my views and my views alone. I don’t speak for my co-workers on this matter, nor do I have any clue whatsoever where they stand on this.

(via FSU News)