Harvard and MIT’s Incoming Freshmen Classes Are Pranking Each Other Over Facebook

Then, they switched up the bios to say things like “I regret not going to the badass institution down the street,” or “Damn, I wish I had as much swag as the MIT kids.”

This all led to Harvard issuing a “Declaration of War,” which is about as overwritten as you'd expect: “Therefore be it Resolved by that the state of war between the Harvard Class of 2017 and the Immature Prefrosh of MIT which has thus been thrust upon the Harvard class of 2017 is hereby formally declared; and the Harvard Class of 2017 is hereby ComMITted to utilize the entire strengths of its class to carry on war against the MIT Prefrosh.” And, later, the Crimson kids put forth their Terms of Surrender.

I worry that we're looking at the future of pranking here. A future of hacked Facebook pages, and hacked class directories, and misusing pictures of Republican presidential candidates.

RIP, covering a lawn in forks. Who wants to go to the trouble of a night spent hunched over, creating you, when they can just pull an Edward Snowden online?

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