Harvard Is Lending Out Priceless Works Of Art To Students For Just $50

George Costanza Portrait


In a world where people who will drive you anywhere are just a phone call away, and it’s possible to rent out million dollar homes for a weekend, the ability to rent priceless works of art just makes sense.

Especially and old money Harvard. 

For the first semester in seven years, the Ivy-League university is offering its students the chance to hang up famous pieces from renowned artists like Picasso and Andy Warhol in their dorm rooms for $50 per academic year, The Harvard Crimson first reported.

Rodriguez had entered a lottery to walk through a gallery of about 275 prints available for her wall. She won the first time slot, so could snag what she felt was the best of the lot.

“It’s a piece of work that Pablo Picasso has actually touched, so it’s really crazy to think I have that hanging right above my bed,” Rodriguez tells USA Today College. The print, she says, is number 68 of only 150 prints that Picasso has signed.

I prefer a mirror hanging over the bed but I ain’t that fucking classy.

The students are expected to keep the paintings in perfect condition or else…

“Students are instructed to immediately contact me if there is any damage to a print,” she says. “If there is damage to the integrity of the frame, the students are asked to find a flat place to lay the print. An employee from the Harvard Art Museums will visit the student’s room to assess the damage.”

Diedalis also said that students sign rental contracts to make sure they understand the parameters of keeping the artwork for the academic year. She adds that so far, no major damage has been done.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick BOOM! Someone puts a football through a Rembrandt.

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