This Hot FSU Sorority Girl Is Better At Flag Football Than You, Me, And Every Dude We Know

by 2 years ago

Michelle Roque is a member of the sizzling hot Delta Gamma sorority at Florida State, which is hands down the hottest sorority in these United States of America. When she’s not throwing glitter in the air and ignoring my text messages, Michelle is busy being the most impressive athlete to grace a flag football field since…well shit, I don’t know any other flag football legends. But it’s difficult not to watch Roque make mince meat of defenders without granting her Legend Status.

Last year, Roque was featured on ESPN’s Top 10 plays for making a juke that would put you and I in a wheelchair. She also won Florida State’s Muscle Milk Student Combine, which tests students’ 40 yard dash, shuttle run, vertical jump, and punt, pass, and kick skills. She is a certified blue chip prospect. A Delta Gamer. Reminds me of a young me back in the day.



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