Change Your Major Immediately! Here’s What Types Of Students Have The Most Sex

Is your major preventing you from getting your fuck on? While it might just sound like a convenient excuse for your unfuckability, there is actual research suggesting that students of certain majors bang more.

In the survey of 11,549 students, they were asked about their sexual activity, including if they were still virgins. The study was done by the British student newspaper The Tab.

The results were classified by the students’ majors and it turns out that certain disciplines are smashing more. The study revealed that 11 percent of computer scientist majors were still virgins, whereas only 1 percent of students in the arts haven’t popped their cherry.

The other students that aren’t getting their dicks and vaginas wet are physicists at 9 percent, dentists at 5 percent and 4 percent of law, chemistry, engineering and medicine students are still virgins.

On the flip side, history of art, philosophy, languages, business and politics majors had only 2 percent of students that hadn’t lost their virginity. The national average of virgins in Britain is 5 percent.

Or maybe just computer science students aren’t as good at lying as art students?

However all that skin-slapping sex comes at a price. While the computer science geeks may not be keyboard-deep in poon, in the end they have the last laugh. Engineering and computer science graduates make the most while social sciences and art are the lowest-earning degrees.

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