NYC College Janitor Busted For Dealing Cocaine In Front Of School’s Day Care And Early Childhood Center

Newsflash to all the struggling drug dealers out there who are broke as hell and having trouble moving product because you live in some bunk-ass place like the suburbs: move to a college town. Doesn’t matter what college it is and it doesn’t really matter where it is; college kids tend to be more willing and more stupid when it comes to snorting things up their noses. Just look at Brooklyn College in the Flatbush neighborhood of NYC’s Brooklyn borough – Flatbush is a shithole and yet those kids are still willing to fork over money for drugs like Donald Trump shouts thinly-veiled racial slurs at a campaign rally.

Obviously the key here is to not get caught like Brooklyn College janitor Javon High, but then again all you friendly neighborhood pot dealers are probably smart enough to know dealing coke in front of the campus Early Childhood Center isn’t the smartest move, right? Right??

Police say they nabbed 46-year-old janitor Javon High after he sold baggies of cocaine to undercover officers nine times between April and mid-July.

The trick sales added up to around $1,400.

“High conducted narcotics transactions during his work shifts and, in at least one instance, he wore his work uniform,” says a press release on High’s indictment. ”The investigation revealed that High catered to customers from neighborhoods surrounding Brooklyn College.”

The university janitor allegedly made three of these sales in front of James Hall at Brooklyn College — “a building that houses multiple academic departments and the college’s Early Childhood Center, which offers day care and after-school programs,” officials say.(via)

As a bonus, public schools PS 152 and PS K315 are right across the street from Brooklyn College. Might as well start breakin’ the kids in early – nothing quite like developing a coke addiction while you’re still in diapers. Low tolerances are for pussies and by the time those kids are 10 they’ll be blowing kilos like the Kim Kardashian does rapper dicks.

Brooklyn College has yet to make a statement about the incident.

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