How the Hell Did This NYU Student Get Stuck Between Two Buildings (for Two Days)?

It all boggles the mind. On Saturday, a fire alarm went off in Asher's dorm at 80 Lafayette Street. While his friends began running to an exit, they saw Asher running upstairs—toward the roof. The alarm was quickly canceled, but Asher's friends couldn't find him. He didn't respond to texts. They got worried and reported him missing to campus security and the NYPD, but their claims weren't taken seriously. So they went door-to-door looking for their buddy:

“One person told us the last that they seen he was headed up the stairs, so we went to security and said ‘Hey guys you need to go on the roof and check the roof,’” said friend Michael Yablon.

A security officer found Vongtau’s cell phone on the roof of the dorm on Sunday. Then, he noticed the 19-year-old laying on the ground moaning.


It ultimately took 36 hours to find Vongtau, and—due to his injuries and Sunday's freezing temperatures—it's not unreasonable to think he's truly lucky to be found when he did. He might not be with us if he were still trapped right now.

Look: We won't know why Vongtau decided to run up the stairs: CBS' sources say he may have been under the influence of something, and nearly every comment on the Huffington Post's write-up goes along the lines of “He was up to no good.” But college kids do a lot of dumb shit. And it's pretty, pretty concerning that a missing student wasn't cause enough to send out an NYU search party, especially when Vongtau's friends went to the authorities in a panic. The campus police isn't tasked with Wire-esque sting operations—their only fucking job is to keep students safe. 

To even accidentally prolong the kid's suffering should give any one involved pause. Why the fuck did it take you guys 36 hours?