Penn State Girl Is The Most Savage Chick On The Internet Today After Printing And Hanging Her Roommate’s Subtweets

Oh. My. God. This whole public roommate drama hurts my head. But I kinda love it. It’s so 2016. It’s such a soap opera. WE ARE ALL WITNESSES.

LOVE the digital-era passive aggressive tactics by these college freshman. LOVE IT. Reminds me of some fatherly wisdom my old man gave me before I shipped off to college back in 2004, when the only social media around was The Facebook and you had to have a .edu address to get on it.

“Freshman girls are crazy. I’d avoid them as much as possible.”

I can’t believe the girl doing the tweeting thought her roommate wouldn’t read the petty, passive aggressive subtweets she was offering PUBLIC ON THE INTERNET. More so, what a lousy person to narc on her to the cops for having weed. She gets props for printing out those tweets. And now our girl “Uncle Jessy” is literally one of the most popular girls on the Internet today.

Petty petty petty. So much petty. Love that freshman roommates can’t just confront each other IRL about their issues like normal human beings. My best friend and I had a roommate who wrote us a passive aggressive e-mail once after we threw a party — We read it together then walked over to his room in the suite and were like “what the fuck, dude? — be a fucking grown man.”

I remember seeing/hearing about shit like this going down all the time when I was at Penn State. Except that’s just when you live in East Halls or Pollack before you realize — “we’re all fucking adults, holy shit get me into off campus housing with my normal, not insane friends as fast as possible.”

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