This ‘Reply All’ Thread From A University Email Sent To 29,000 Students Is Why You Should ALWAYS Hit ‘Reply All’



Having someone hit “Reply All” on an email that’s otherwise in no need of any response whatsoever is one of the most fucking annoying things in the world, right behind getting stuck watching someone try and fail to parallel park because they’re blocking the entire street. On the flip side, however, is starting a “Reply All” thread to a ridiculously pointless email just for shits and kicks. THAT’S something I can get behind, and that something is exactly what happened in the IT department at University College London on Wednesday night.

It started out with a random “bello” (and no, that’s not a word).

So naturally, a few people hit “Reply All” to see if the thread was ACTUALLY going to the inboxes of all 29,000 UCL students…

And then shit hit the fan, and by “shit” I mean “puns out the butthole.”

pic4 pic3


What’s a giant “Reply All” thread without some porn? Nothing, I tell you, NOTHING.


But porn isn’t for everyone, obviously…



And of course we had a few fuddy-duds who didn’t know a good time staring them right in the face and decided to go try and bitch everyone out, only to be told how stupid that was.



The school FINALLY “responded”…

Okay but really they did.

Lesson learned: always hit “Reply All” when it comes to trolling.


[H/T and images via Elite Daily]
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