These 20 Colleges Have The Most Coeds Signing Up To Get Paid For Sex

This month ‘Seeking Arrangement’ released their annual list of the fastest growing ‘Sugar Baby Schools’, aka which schools have the most students willing to get paid to have sex with an old person.

Recently, we’ve been covering the rapidly expanding matchmaking site ‘Seeking Arrangement‘ often here, as they continue to make headlines by pairing poor coeds with sugar daddies. We first took a look at ‘Seeking Arrangement’ back when they first made headlines, but back then it was mostly a Canadian thing. We then revisited a profile of the girls signing up to bang old dudes in exchange for college tuition money in this interview. But now that we’ve honed in on who it is banging the old dudes, we’re able to hone in on where they are exactly.

In this infographic released by Seeking Arrangement we see the top 20 schools in the USA, in terms of ‘signups to bang old dudes’….Because that’s essentially the arrangement:

As a Seminole I’m just slightly shocked to see that we’ve made the top 20. I’d assume that all 20 schools would be expensive private colleges all near or in large cities, and not state universities that are relatively cheap (and not near any city at all). But alas, FSU is ranked and that’s something I’ll be proud about (even if we’re ranked behind the Gators).

For a complete profile on just who these coeds are that are signing up to get stuffed for cash, you can read our ‘Meet the Horrible College Girls Hunting For Sugar Daddies Instead of Jobs‘.