University Football Captain Suspended After Highly Racist Snapchat Photo Involving Nazis And Confederate Flag Leaks


Pace university / snapchat

Hey man, it’s 2015 — even as a joke, it’s not the best idea to dress yourself up in a confederate flag and get caught on camera doing the infamous Nazi salute. I mean MAYBE you can get away with it if you’re white trash living out on some anonymous pig farm down in Kentucky, but the captain of the Pace University football team? Not so much.

The captain of the Pace University football team has been suspended as the school investigates his role in a photo posted on Snapchat that appears to show the player draped in a Confederate flag and making a Nazi salute.

Calling the photo “highly offensive,” Pace President Steven J. Friedman said in an email to the Pace community that the captain, reportedly Tyler Owens, has been stripped of his role and “will not participate in University football activities pending the outcome of the investigation.”(via)

According to Journal News, the photo was sent to the Pace Chronicle by several African-American students and athletes over the weekend, with a representative of the group stating that contrary to popular belief, the photo was recent since it had been delivered via Snapchat and was not “three years old” as previously thought.

Pace has since gone on to denounce the photo in every which way possible, going on to say that “The photograph is highly offensive and contrary to the values of diversity, inclusiveness, and embracing the ethnic and cultural” blah blah blah blah. Like yeah okay we get it, Pace doesn’t endorse Nazis and the KKK — no one thought they did! IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU IT’S ABOUT STEVEN OKAY?!! Quit covering your ass and give the kid his mandatory suspension/sensitivity training/spanking already. Jesus.

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