This Video From the University of Wisconsin Is Proof that People From Wisconsin Are Crazy

by 4 years ago

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I have a good friend from Wisconsin. Back when I met him in college, circa 2006, he was bar none the craziest dude I’ve ever met. Eight years later, he’s married and STILL maybe the craziest motherfucker on the planet. When I went to his wedding it was the first time my Northeast ass had ever been to the State of Wisconsin. I was surprised to learn that his behavior and general demeanor was not an exception but more of the norm. Seriously: Wisconsin is home to the craziest motherfuckers on the planet. Logic!

He went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I genuinely believe EVERYONE at that school is fucking nuts. This video from their Final Four celebration proves my point.

What the hell is in the water of your lakes up there that makes you guys so insane?

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