UT Student Snaps Insane Selfie On Top Of Bridge Proving Cops Are Powerless To Stopping People From Doing It

by 4 years ago

New York has had a bridge climbing problem for a while now. The NYPD has been “ramping up” security around city bridges for some time now but it looks like “ramping up” is code for “occasionally a cop drives over” because it hasn’t stopped anyone from climbing the bridges and taking pictures.

The latest bridge climber is University of Tennessee student David Karnauch who posted this selfie of himself on Instagram on Monday complete with hashtags like #newyorkcity #nyc #again #gopro and #adventureaddiction.

Local news affiliate WCBS 2 reached out to Karnauch about his climb and shoot and the student told them “I didn’t have any clue that NYC is ramping up security. There was nobody there to stop me from climbing onto the bridge.”

If Karnauch wants to live life on the edge, and really seek adventure, he should head down to Times Square and mix it up with some of the costumed characters. Those lunatics will give him the adventure of a lifetime.

[via Gothamist]