Mom Drops Her Daughter Off At Freshman Orientation And Then Goes To Chill With The Football Team


Parents are under appreciated. Most of them bankroll four years of blind drunkeness and sexual experimentation that is misidentified as an “education.” They shlep us to Bed, Bath, and Beyond before move-in to stock us up on toilet trees, bedding, and other shit we’d never buy for ourselves and then spend an entire day in the blistering heat helping us move into the dorms. And all we do is scold them for embarrassing us in front of our new classmates for wearing socks with sandals. It’s a truly thankless job.

That’s why it was refreshing to hear that the mother of an incoming Texas State freshman rewarded herself after a long day of sending her daughter off to college with a little grab ass with the football team.



Since posting the screenshots on social media, Leilani’s tweet has been retweeted more than 92,000 times. It has also racked up more than 417,000 favorites and 1,000 replies.

And it wouldn’t be a viral tweet without a little Brazzers makeover.

Get it, mom.

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[h/t NBC 4]

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