West Point Just Dropped The Army’s Spirit Spot For The Army-Navy Game And It’s INCREDIBLE

The build-up to the Army-Navy game really is one of my favorite things in the world. Yesterday Navy struck first with a Star Wars-themed Spirit Spot to hype the annual college football rivalry on December 12th. Now Army is firing shots back with a video about decimating the Navy’s spirit. They brought out all sorts of top brass at West Point, too.

I’d pay $15 and buy a bucket of popcorn for this movie. Though I have to admit, I was *kinda* hoping the War Tubas were going to jump out of those choppers with parachutes on with the West Point parachute team, who are some of the biggest military Bros on the planet.

Nicely done, West Point Cadets.

For previous spirit spots, check out the links below:

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