The West Point Parachute Team Might Be The Coolest College Club Ever

It is just a fact that some of the biggest Bros in the world are the students and graduates of the United States service academies. Earlier this week BroBible learned something pretty cool about a group of cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Apparently West Point is home to a Parachute Team that consists of 30 cadets — a mix of guys and girls — divided amongst the four classes. Because jumping out of planes like this 24/7 takes some SERIOUS cojones, the West Point Parachute Team just might be the coolest college club ever.

A cadet recently e-mailed BroBible explaining the Parachute Team and its mission, telling us that “the day I made the team was the greatest day of my life.” This sounds like an AMAZING college experience.

Allow the cadet to explain in his own words:

The mission of the West Point Parachute Team is to educate, train, and inspire cadets to develop leadership skills and build self-confidence in an in extremis context. We provide cadets the opportunity to work towards three specific and challenging goals: train freefall students, conduct precision freefall demonstrations, and compete and win at the national level.

Essentially the team trains to perform parachute demonstrations before Army Football Games and Military Parades here at school. We also do off post demonstrations, with our biggest demo in team history coming up in June, being the Belmont Stakes and Citi Field for a Mets Game. We also train to compete in collegiate parachute competitions, our main rivals being the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy.

Katz adds, “We aren’t just teammates or skydivers, we are brothers and sisters training to get football fans on their feet before games and to beat Navy and Air Force.”

The time and teamwork these guys put into the Parachute Team is truly inspiring.

The team is known to be a hard working organization that goes about their business quietly and professionally. The team traditionally has the most challenging, semester long, tryout process for freshman only of any club at West Point. The tryout process involves an application submission, a physical challenge day, and an interview process. Due to the nature of what goes on at practice every day, its more of a family than a team. We dedicate all of our free time including, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break to train with the team so that junior and senior year all the cadets are ready to perform demonstrations into venues like Citi Field, Yankee Stadium and the Belmont Stakes.

Here’s a video of the West Point Parachute Team in action. I’d be peeing my pants in the corner before a jump like this, but these guys are like birds in their natural element:


While other college kids are running around Panama City Beach, these guys are training at Ft. Bragg, doing jumps with the U.S. Army Special Forces, the U.S Army Golden Knights Parachute Team, and the Black Daggers Parachute Team.

And the pics from their jumps are so incredibly sick. For example, the above pic by CDT Dave Hart ’16 of CDT Nate Volk, ’16.

Cadet Andrew Katz’s Instagram has some amazing shots as well:

Swagger for days. Would you like to see these bro’s jump into a college football stadium on Saturdays this upcoming fall? Because the Black Knights are trained and ready to make the launch. Throw them a follow on Facebook to keep up with their going-ons.

Mad props to the hard work and dedication these guys put into such a demanding, risky pursuit.

This is what being a Bro is all about, folks.

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