The 10 Most Basic Photos From Coachella 2018

by 6 months ago

Rich Fury/Getty Images for Coachella

Coachella 2018 is in the books. 99,000 Urban Outfitter employees, Instagram models, and Chad from your high school have descended upon Empire Indio, California to be seen at the six day music, arts, and selfie festival. You’ve probably seen too many of the exact same photos from the event, but if you didn’t, here are 10 more.

If you were wondering what the hottest girls in your high school were up to now, they’re still pursuing careers in Fashion Marketing and using daddy’s Am-Ex to buy VIP festival tickets. Oh yeah, and still not giving you the time of day for that time in 2006 when you shit your pants in gym class.

Show this picture at your nearest Soul Cycle and get 15% off.

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Coachella 😍Yes or No?

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Don’t skip leg day.

What would you say if this dude demanded to get on your shoulders for the Beyonce set? Whether you say yes or no, you’re dead.

“Aaaaand that will be $46.89, cash or credit?”

If you don’t look like a widower at your husband’s funeral who kind of misses him but also want to get boned by Chas Reinhold, you cannot truly enjoy all Coachella has to offer.

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🖤 #Coachella2018 aka #Beychella2018

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Neck bandana and ripped jeans: your official Coachella Fuccboi Outfit 2018. And no, I would not say this to their faces.

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Coachella day 3️⃣ success

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Are these gluten free?

“Do you guys feel it yet?”

Chad and Brad out here crushing Mike’s Hard Lemonades.

Logan Paulers what up!!! Can’t wait for the vlog when he pushes someone in wheelchair over. It’s a PRANK dude! Get over it!

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looking for everyone’s morals at coachella like^

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