A Giant Sea Monster Fish Weighing As Much As A Panda Bear Washed Up On A Beach In Australia

by 1 year ago
sea monsters

Shutterstock / Michael Rosskothen

Australia’s home to some pretty scary creatures. They’ve got countless snakes, crocs, spiders, box jellyfish, and other animals that can kill you in an instant. So when some beachgoers in Queensland came upon this 330-pound sea monster they were good to be cautious, only in this case, it was just a gigantic Queensland Grouper that’d washed up.

Photographs of this gargantuan fish on the beach have gone viral thanks to Twitter Moments, with everyone weighing in their two cents about this sea monster:

The fish is being reported as a ‘mystery fish’ but anyone who has spent time fishing for grouper knows that this is a massive Queensland Grouper, the largest species of Grouper fish that inhabit that region. I’ve never caught one of these massive groupers but I’ve written about them here on BroBible in the past and I’m all but certain that’s what it is.

It’s a separate species, but the closest thing we have to this here in America is the Goliath Grouper (formerly known as the Jewfish). These massive groupers grow up to several hundred pounds and absolutely demolish coral reefs throughout Florida. They show up, eat everything, and move onto the next one. Growing along the way. I’m assuming it’s the same situation over on Queensland with this species but I really don’t know enough to make that claim.

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