50 Funniest Memes And Best Tweets Of The Day

This roundup of the funniest memes and must-see viral tweets brings all of the Internet’s funniest moments into one pic dump to enjoy.

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Mandy, if you’re seeing this, treat yo self.

50 Funniest Memes And Best Tweets Of The Day

Seriously, whose idea was it to put cloth anywhere near toilets?

Really does.

Got ’em.

Good morning.

I could do without the onions but this is darn near perfect.

Would be a lot cooler if you did:

Sounds about right:

If I could eat this for lunch every Friday (and not feel awful) I would be a very happy man.


This makes no sense but somehow it does.

Dang right, we will.

Gotta be quicker.

Look at this absolute unit:


Do it for the rest:

This checks out:

Lamar really needs a pro though:

Give me 2, please and thank you.


Dibs on the bathtub.

It’s the ‘live, laugh, love’ tattoo for me:


They’re calling this the ‘Dan Bilzerian of Burgers’. Whatever that means…

A billion-dollar idea this Summer:

Is it the weekend yet?

Every night:


She has THREE new fishing world records pending. This is one of them:

Need to see a fan remake of this.

Gotta show off those wahoos!

Looking out for a neighbor or nah?

These tilefish are said to taste nearly identical to lobster:

Which one are you grabbing first?

Ironclad response:

Spring largemouth bass never get old in Florida:


The crash is real:

Head down, it’s almost the weekend.


The Kool-Aid Man would be pretty freaky IRL though.

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