61-Year-Old Grandma Of 6 Intimidates Men With Her Muscular 6-Pack And Buff Biceps

While most grandmas are planting their petunias and playing bridge, this grandma is pounding out sets at the gym and getting jacked. That’s because this grandmom is not like a regular mom, she’s a cool grandmom.

Meet Lynda Jager, the grandmother of six grandchildren, owner of a rock-solid six-pack, rightful heir to the iron weight plates, queen of two buff biceps and breaker of grandma stereotypes. The 61-year-old bodybuilder, trainer and fitness model is rocking such a stacked physique that her muscles intimidate men.

Lynda, who is from Cambridge, Ontario in Canada, first starting working out when she was in her 20s. Back then, her lifelong struggle with anxiety made her too afraid to go to gym and be judged by strangers so she worked out in her parents’ basement.

“I enjoyed weight training the most and I continued this throughout my twenties and thirties,” Lynda told the Daily Mail. “It made me feel strong and I began to feel more confident about myself.”

“I became so interested I was constantly reading books and magazines about weight training and bodybuilding,” she added. “The more I started to see results, the more results I was anxious to see, and that kept me going.”

By the age of 51, she started entering bodybuilding competitions and in 10 years she has won five championships.

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“The first time I stepped on stage, I thought I would faint and almost didn’t do it. The girl behind me actually had to give me a little nudge to get me to step on stage,” Jager said. “My confidence through the years grew and my shyness and anxiety lessened immensely…I believe [competing] has given me the confidence to try new things and speak up when I need to.”

Lynda is definitely not shy to hit the gym anymore, especially since she has an incredibly strong body for any age, let alone 61.

Now, Lynda’s muscles intimidate men who are awestruck by her physique. Men will come up to Lynda and tell her: “Your biceps are bigger than mine” or “I bet you could beat me up.” Weird flex, but okay.

Lynda understands that many of the men are using an unorthodox pick-up line. Her husband Mark isn’t bothered by the constant flirting by other men and he “brushes it off.” After being together for 15 years, Mark finally asked Lynda to marry him and she accepted. Probably because too many guys were hitting on her.

“He usually brushes it off and doesn’t say too much. He leaves it up to me to handle it, if it’s unwanted attention,” Lynda explained. “Sometimes I think they flirt when they don’t know he’s in the room and quickly stop when they realize he’s my husband.”

“My husband loves the way I look,” she said. “He knows that I get some admiring glances and comments from other men but isn’t really bothered by them. He is very confident in our relationship.”

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Lynda looks like she could carry her husband to the honeymoon suite.

As for her motivation to get in super shape, Lynda said, “I enjoyed the appearance of muscles on my body. I also wanted to set an example for my young children, so they could be strong and self-confident as well.”

“I want everyone to understand that being fit for life is possible, without pain, restrictive eating or drugs,” Lynda said. “It starts with a mindset; you should have a clear vision of your reasons for change and that vision becomes your motivation. With that clear vision in mind, seek out all the information you can and learn how to achieve those goals through informative magazines and books, reliable sources on the internet, or find a qualified coach or trainer. It all starts in the mind but continues in the heart. You need to believe in yourself.”

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