The Internet Is Baffled, Creeped Out By This Very Bizarre All-White, Steel And Chrome House

Internet Doesnt Understand This Bizarre All-White Steel And Chrome House


We have certainly seen our fair share of unusual homes and house designs here over the past several years.

There was NHL player Conor McDavid’s nightmare-inducing monochromatic mansion up in Edmonton. And more recently, we saw a bizarre gothic/Raiders themed house, complete with its own cemetary, that also creeped the hell out the internet.

This latest unusual home find, however, might just be the topper.

This very strange four bedroom, three bathroom house located in Low Fell, Gateshead, Tyne And Wear in the United Kingdom has got the internet scratching its collective head trying to figure out, well, why?

From the front, the house looks absolutely normal. Maybe a bit pricey for its size at £500,000 ($691,350), but nice. If you were walking over driving past it you probably wouldn’t give it a second look.

It’s once you step inside the home that the real fun begins.

After taking just a couple of steps into the house one will quickly notice that everything, and we mean everything, is either stark white, stainless steel, chrome or mirrored – barely a color in sight.

Stainless steel kitchen units; stainless steel sink and drainer units; stainless steel custom made spiral stair case; stainless steel WC and wall mounted stainless steel hand basin with mixer tap; chrome column radiators; stainless steel low level WC and stainless steel semi pedestal hand basin; stainless steel WC, bidet and semi pedestal hand basin; chrome towel warmers; mirrored built in cabinets; sliding door mirror wardrobes, it’s got it all.

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Also, there doesn’t appear to be any windows. At all. Not one window, in the entire house.

Writing the listing description for this unique house must have been quite an interesting task.

Having an extremely individual design, this property will take you on a spectacular tour of wonder and amazement. The unique home boasts both a touch of luxury and privacy whilst keeping many original and industrial features from its heritage and past.

It goes on to talk about how old the home is, how it is situated in “a perfect location,” and the fact that is comes with three garages and two parking spots, but at no point is it expressly stated just how weird the place is.

This property is quite simply the most absolutely unique and fabulous accommodation we have had the pleasure of marketing and it is without hesitation that Belle Vue Estate draws it to your attention.

You have to love those euphemisms: extremely individual design, wonder and amazement, absolutely unique.

A couple of commenters who viewed the listing pretty much hit the nail on the head with their takes on the home.

One compared the home to the type of place Patrick Bateman from American Pyscho would live, while the other wrote, “How offended would you be if an estate agent said ‘I think you’re going to like this one’?”

Take a tour of the place below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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