Here’s A Guy Getting Chased By A Menacing Alligator On Foot While Fishing Near Mangroves In Florida

alligator chases fisherman in florida

iStockphoto / TACrafts

Alligators can be found just about everywhere there’s fresh water in Florida and sometimes they’re even found in saltwater. Here, a dude is fishing from the shore for tarpon in an opening in the mangroves when an alligator pops up and ruins his fishing day.

I see approximately two alligators every single day here in Southwest Florida. I pass by them on my afternoon commute and without fail these two are always sitting on the edge of lakes across the street from each other. These dinosaurs are everywhere!

But just like this dude, I wouldn’t expect to see them when I was out fishing for tarpon and snook in the mangroves. Based on what I can see in this video (and the uploader’s other videos) I’m going to assume this happened somewhere between Naples/Marco Island and the Everglades City area. Check it out:

The beauty of fishing in The Florida Everglades is the tarpon are there all year long. In many parts of Florida, it’s a seasonal species you can only hope to catch from late Spring to early Summer but they grow up and thrive in the ‘Glades. If you’re ever looking to go fishing down there, check out my buddy Capt. Jimmy Wheeler at Everglades Fishing Co!

I can confidently say I’ve never been chased away from the fish by an alligator. I’ve seen them while fishing in saltwater, I’ve seen them while fishing in freshwater, but I’ve never been chased from the fish by one.

That dude handled it remarkably well. I’d also like to point out that his YouTube channel name is ‘Chum Dumpster’ and as of the time that I’m writing this he has 69 subscribers (nice). This same guy uploaded a video from The Everglades a few weeks ago where he held a camera down into a sewer and found a big alligator easily picking off fish swimming through a sewer running underneath the road.

For everyone in the country moving to Florida, have you really considered your other options??