This Hilariously Profane Narration Of A Baby Alligator Fighting A Bobcat Is The Most Florida Thing You’ll See In 2020


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This is the most Florida thing I’ve seen since that picture a few years back of a bobcat pulling a shark out of the water and I live in Florida. I’ll be honest, this doesn’t end well for one of these animals despite both of them really holding their own for a while in a deadly battle.

Really, the only thing missing from this being the ultimate Florida clip are some bathsalts and two drunk UF fans in jorts coughing the ‘rona into their mouths because this hilariously profane narration is perfect and we’ve got two iconic Florida animals here fighting it out in someone’s backyard as it this is a completely normal thing to happen.

So what we see here is a very young alligator, probably a year or so old by my completely unscientific guesstimation, try and take on a decent-sized bobcat. This means one of these apex predators probably has a solid amount of Mortal Kombat-level fighting under its belt while the other might be engaging in a fight to the death for the first time. Then there’s the profane narration which is perfect. If you’re bothered by profanity you should bounce now.

Enjoy. And be sure to share with anyone in the world who needs to see this. I’ve included the clip on both YouTube and Instagram so you can choose your preferred medium to watch:


What’s with inexplicable animal encounters lately? Within two minutes of coming across this Alligator vs. Bobcat clip on Instagram, I scrolled past this clip of a boar charging a beach. It’s like nature has zero chill these days after humans were locked up for a few months.

What a time to be alive. Wild animals just popping up out of nowhere and throwing down anytime they feel like it. Never a dull moment. And by the way, if you never saw that bobcat pulling the shark out of the water, here it is:

Florida is the Australia of the United States.

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