An Embarrassingly Huge Percentage Of Americans Believe Fake Chemtrails Conspiracy Theories

by 3 years ago

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Chemtrails aren’t real. This is a fact. The United States government isn’t wasting time, money, or resources dumping chemicals on citizens to control their minds. Buying into conspiracy theories about chemtrails is the first step in a series of events that culminates with you wearing a tinfoil hate.

Again, I repeat, chemtrails are not real.

I feel the need to reiterate this because a study from Harvard scientists found that an astronomical number of Americans believe chemtrails are real and are buying into these bullshit chemtrails conspiracy theories. Prior to the 2016 election, a poll of 1,000 Americans found that ~10% of respondents said that the bullshit conspiracy theories about chemtrails were ‘completely true’ and an additional 20-30% said theories about chemtrails were ‘somewhat true’.

Extrapolate to the population of America and that’s roughly 120 million Americans who think that chemtrails are real when anyone with a fucking brain knows that they are not. Let’s say you have two next-door neighbors (one on each side). Statistically speaking, this means that either you or one of your neighbors is likely to believe in these bullshit conspiracies.

Brian Kahn of puts forth some interesting theories about how the rise of social media, Twitter specifically, has allowed these garbage conspiracy theories to flourish more than ever before. I highly suggest checking out this article on Earther because it dives deep into what makes chemtrailers tick, why they’re drawn to conspiracy theories, and how these theories are spread.

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