Person Finds Out Statue They Bought For Just $15 At Macy’s In 1955 Is Worth Thousands On ‘Antiques Roadshow’

Macy's Fifth Avenue Manhattan New York

iStockphoto / AlexandreFagundes

I guess today’s one of those days we are all going to break out the ladder, climb up into the attic, and start looking around for anything that could be worth a fortune. It’s a natural phenomenon anytime we watch one of these Antiques Roadshow on PBS.

This woman purchased a tiny statue for only $15 at Macy’s back in 1955. It’s a gorgeous statue. It looks similar to the Pablo Picasso statues I knew growing up. My grandfather on my mom’s side of the family actually apprenticed under Picasso for a while as a bronze sculptor after he graduated from RISD. Something about this style reminds me of my childhood and being at my grandparent’s house and I dig it.

So you might not be shocked to learn that something which looks awesome but was only $15 at Macy’s back in the day is actually worth thousands of dollars now but it’s still fun to watch this Antique’s Roadshow guest get surprised with the news.

I’ve still never watched a single episode of Antiques Roadshow on TV at any point in my life but these clips always suck me in. There was this guy a few weeks ago who discovered his $1 posters were worth a fortune, this person from months ago who tried to sell a stolen piece of Banksy artwork that was worth virtually nothing because it was stolen from the public.

And a favorite of mine is this guy who bought a Rolex watch for $345 in the 1970s and discovered it was worth up to $700,000 now! That dude really hit the Rolex jackpot and had all the original paperwork intact.