Artist Calls Out Darrelle Revis On Twitter For Owing Him Money, Shares Revis’ Condescending Response

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for American Express

Darrelle Revis? More like DARRELLE THIEVE-IS!

The retired cornerback, who made an estimated $125 million in career earnings over nine years, probably didn’t think the dude he’s allegedly been railroading would expose him on social media. The 33-year-old Revis reportedly commissioned artist Adam Ballinger to create a few caricatures of him from his playing days, but after the work was completed and delivered, Revis went silent. Ballinger claims he politely asked Revis for the money he owes him multiple times, to no avail. And after five months of this nonsense, Ballinger decided to air Revis out on social media.

The post garnered hundreds of comments and retweets, some of which I giggled to myself at and looked like a serial killer in this quiet coffee shop.

All Revis needed was a bunch of bad press to break his 153 day silence. Instead of sending Ballinger the money and putting this saga behind them, he gave him the goddamn runaround! I can’t imagine these drawings costing more than a couple grand, which makes this ghosting even more egregious.

Revis’ response is as condescending as it is self-absorbed.

Aye brother I think you need to relax….this is not the way you should be conducting business my guy…I’m a very busy man which involves traveling and tons of meetings. You have my word…You’ve done the work and will be compensated!!!

“Need to relax.” “My guy.” Ouch.

The internet mob is going to bully Revis into paying…

[h/t Total Pro Sports]

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