Aussie Woman Casually Picks Up A Shark That’s Stuck In A Pool And Throws It Back In The Ocean

Do you have the testicular fortitude to pick up a shark that’s several feet long and toss it into the ocean? This Australian woman did when a shark had gotten itself stuck inside of the Cronulla rock pool, a natural rock pool adjacent to the water.

This is actually the second time in just a few weeks that a shark was found in the Cronulla rock pool. Back in mid-September, there was a juvenile great white shark in the pool. That shark was pretty much put on display for anyone who wanted to see it as part of a strange conservation effort, but this time around things was different.

The woman can be seen swimming over the shark, hovering for a moment, and then bear-hugging the shark before picking it up and tossing it over the railing and back into the ocean. A move that required some serious balls.

Naturally, Twitter had some reactions to this happening:

Only in Australia…

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