Backyard Hot Wheels Track Took 4 Months To Build For This Awesome Video

  • This backyard Hot Wheels track took four months and thousands of dollars to build and it was worth every penny
  • They rigged up a camera so we get the Hot Wheels car POV as it navigates this awesome track around the backyard and through the water
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This backyard Hot Wheels track took four months and thousands of dollars to build. The intricacy and expansiveness of this Hot Wheel track puts many Rube Goldberg machines to shame.

The operator of the Backyard Racing YouTube channel uploaded this video over the weekend and it’s immediately started racking up views. This extreme Hot Wheels track is my childhood dream. Except my backyard was way too compact for building something like this.

The video’s uploader shared in the Reddit comments they poured ‘about $4K for materials and $5K on Hot Wheels gear’ into building this Hot Wheels setup. This video reminds me of when Marble Racing first hit the Internet. Suddenly, the game has been changed. Check it out:

This is the first and only video that has been uploaded to the Backyard Racing YouTube channel. Presumably, there are many more to come. Nobody would pour months of savings and time into building something this elaborate and not upload more videos.

My first thought and the first thought of many is how did they get the cars through the water? A lot of people questioned if it was remote-controlled or if it was pulled through the water. The uploader again hopped into the Reddit comments to shed some light on what was going on there:

Yes, we pushed the car through the pool part! As much as we didn’t want to, it had to be done. We planned to build a motorized escalator for the pool exits, but never got around to it. So, improv it was! Maybe for a future video tho. Concerning the timeline, we did troubleshooting for 3 months then 1 month for track construction. Pools were inflated and filled about 4 days prior to shooting.

A motorized escalator for the pools would be awesome. They could even build a pulley system with a hook. Almost as if a tow truck was pulling the car up the ramp only for the hook to disappear into the track once the car exited the water. Any of the available options seem incredibly elaborate when we take a step back and realize we’re talking about a backyard Hot Wheels track.

I mentioned Marble Racing above and how this reminds me of that to some degree. If you’ve never seen a Marble Racing video on YouTube then you’re in luck. It’s 100x more exciting than anyone ever expects. Check this out:

Obviously, that’s very different from a Hot Wheels track video but it’s still cool to stumble onto something new like this. Consider hitting the ‘subscribe’ button on the Backyard Racing’ channel for when their new videos go live!