New ‘Bar Rescue’ Episodes Are On The Way And We Got An Exclusive Look At The Trailer And Premiere Date

New 'Bar Rescue' Season To Premiere In March And Here's The Trailer


  • Jon Taffer is back for a new slate of Bar Rescue episodes that are set to premiere on March 20th—and we got an exclusive look at the trailer
  • The host is going back on the road after devoting the most recent run of the show to helping out bars in Las Vegas
  • Read more about the show here

Thanks to a certain series of events that began to unfold around this time two years ago, the bar and restaurant industry suddenly found itself in some serious need of rescuing—and it came as no surprise that Jon Taffer was there to answer the call.

In 2021, the Bar Rescue host set up shop in Las Vegas to come to the aid of a number of local watering holes that bore the brunt of the pandemic (and gave me the chance to live out a lifelong dream by stopping by the set for a behind-the-scenes look one of the reveals). While that run featured a somewhat kinder and gentler Taffer, it still offered everything we’ve come to know and love from a show featuring the world’s most renowned bar scientist.

When I sat down to chat with Taffer during my visit last spring, it seemed like things were on the verge of easing back into normalcy, which, uh, did not turn out to be the case. Now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve given up on attempting to determine when (or if) that will ever actually happen, but it’s always nice to see some signs that indicate we’re getting closer to that reality.

As a result, I’m very pleased to announce Taffer has headed back out on the road to do what he does best for a fresh run of Bar Rescue episodes that are set to premiere on March 20, 2022. Paramount was also kind enough to give BroBible an exclusive look at the trailer, which promises a true return to form.

Let’s gooooooo!

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