Louisiana Man Arrested For Swimming In Bass Pro Shop Aquarium And The Video Is Highly Entertaining

Bass Pro Shop Swim


The weather is hitting record temps around the country so a dip in the pool to cool off is completely understandable.

But you can’t go taking a dip in an aquarium inside a Bass Pro Shop. Not unless you want to cool off in the local jail.

News station KTAL-TV reported on Kevin Wise, 26, and his afternoon dip in the gigantic fish tank at the outdoor recreation store.

Video shows Wise, thankfully fully clothed, swimming with the fish in the indoor aquarium, climbing out, and trying to make a soggy getaway.

The Bossier City Police Department charged Wise with simple criminal damage to property, which is a misdemeanor.

A complaint was also filed to Bossier City police after Bass Pro Shop “determined that there would be costs associated with emptying and cleaning the 13,000-gallon aquarium, which features species of fish local to the region.”

[via KTAL]


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