Reports Suggest Next Batman Game Will NOT Be A New Entry In The ‘Arkham’ Series

arkham origins

WB Montreal

Ever since September, I’ve slowly but surely been reporting on the behind-the-scenes and under-the-radar development of what appears to be a new Batman game.

Originally, in celebration of Batman Day, WB Games Montreal — the gaming studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins projected mysterious yet tease-filled images onto the side of their building.

In the following months, the combination of further teases from WB Games Montreal in addition to various industry leaks all but confirmed that a new Batman game — potentially featuring the likes of Ra’s al Ghul and the Court of Owls — was on the horizon.

Now, while a new Batman video game remains a general certainty at this point, one key detail has changed in recent weeks: reports indicate that the game is not a new entry into the critically-acclaimed and universally-beloved Arkham franchise but rather a reboot.

The rumor of Warner Bros. Montreal’s new Batman game being a non-Arkham reboot may have been confirmed. Last month, a report by a reputable video game insider claimed Warner Bros. Montreal’s new Batman game would be a reboot, though whether or not it would be a hard or soft reboot of the Arkham series remain unclear.

Now, developers over at Warner Bros. Montreal have listed a “new IP” on their LinkedIn resume. Based on the timelines, it would appear this is connected to the new Batman game and the “new IP” listing would suggest it is not connected to the Arkham series, potentially confirming the reboot reports. [via Heroic Hollywood]

As I mentioned to my co-worker Doug in our Slack chat, while this new Batman game may not be part of the Arkham series in name, it will certainly resemble its style and gameplay, as there’s no reason why Warner Bros. would want to fix something that ain’t broken.


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