I’m Impressed By How Much This Reporter DGAF About This Awesome Dog Surfing Competition

World Dog Surfing Competition


Last weekend, the World Dog Surfing Championships took place in Northen California at Pacifica Beach. I’m a pretty dog-obsessed person. I treat my dog better than I treat myself. My Bernese Mountain dog would never be caught dead on a surfboard because she likes to be in control of her surroundings, hates getting her ears wet, but I grew up with Labrador Retrievers and they would’ve f’n loved this.

I was actually in California for this event two years ago and it’s incredible how many people come out to watch the surfing dogs. Everyone’s amazed by the four-legged furry friends riding waves…Everyone except Simon McCoy of BBC News. The BBC anchor clearly does not give one flying fuck about these good dogs (they’re all good dogs) riding waves:

Simon McCoy makes zero attempts to hide the fact that he thinks reporting on the World Dog Surfing Championships in NorCal is beneath him, and as much as I love dogs I have to respect Simon for giving zero fucks…By the way, if you want to see more surfing footage of the dogs I’ve included a longer video from ABC News below.

Just because most of the civilized world is enthralled by surfing dogs it doesn’t mean he has to be. He’s probably a cat person, or has a ferret at home. Or maybe he’s one of those dudes that keeps a parakeet and named it Mother just like Pence calls his wife. I really don’t know, but I’m not here to judge Simon McCoy for sticking to his guns and giving zero fucks about the report.

Now, let’s check out some more footage of surfing dogs:

[via DIGG Video]

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