You Can Now Get Beer Delivered Via Drone In Iceland


Based on the sheer number of people I’ve seen post pictures of themselves posing at hot springs and in front of idyllic mountain landscapes, I’m convinced that I might be the only person in the world who hasn’t visited Iceland at some point in the past few years. However, that might have to change now that I know about the country’s newest wonder: beer delivery drones.

The future is here, and it is a truly magical place.

The Verge reports a drone logistics company called Flytrex has teamed up with a local delivery service in Reykjavík to make every lazy person’s dream come true. While customers in certain areas previously had to wait up to a half hour (the humanity!) for their orders to get delivered, the drones will be able to dramatically cut the time required to get products to their door by flying directly across a two-mile bay in the middle of the city that previously had to be circumnavigated.

The drones will still require some human assistance to complete the delivery, as they are not yet equipped to bring goods directly to a customer’s doorstep. However, the companies hope that in the future the drone will be able drop packages down via a wire, finally eliminating the need for human interaction once and for all.

All hail our new robot overlords.

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