A Belgian Bar Owner Got Three Months In Prison For Pouring A Single Beer For A Regular Who Was Trying To Help His Business Survive

belgian bar owner prison pouring beer


It would be wildly pointless to engage in a dick-measuring contest to figure out which industry has been hit hardest by the pandemic but there’s no arguing the restaurants and bars that have spent the bulk of the last year doing everything in their power to adjust to the countless devastating curveballs that have been thrown their way have gotten absolutely shafted.

It goes without saying that allowing people in places that specialize in serving up a substance that’s not exactly known for helping those that consume it make wise and informed decisions probably isn’t the best idea when there’s a highly-contagious disease making the rounds. With that said, when you consider Guy Fieri has arguably done more to help the businesses that have been impacted by the various restrictions they’ve been forced to follow, it’s hard not to sympathize with their plight.

I’ve personally been doing what I can to help out my local watering holes and the bartenders who’ve regularly served me over the years, as I’ve made it a point to tip as generously as possible whenever I patronize my favorite establishments. While I’m certainly not expecting to get anything in return by doing so, I’ve also never turned down any of the free shots that have magically materialized after closing my tab.

According to The Brussels Times, Wim Poppe—the owner of Gitan, a restaurant located near the Belgian city of Leuven—decided to treat a regular to a drink on the house after he stopped in to check on how they were faring and was nice enough to contribute €100 to help them weather the storm.

Poppe opted to thank him by pouring him a beer, which somehow came to the attention of the local police, who ultimately fined him €1,000 for violating a protective measure that prohibited him from serving drinks to anyone on the premises. Poppe was justifiably displeased with that decision and opted to take the case to court, but unfortunately for him, reason did not prevail, as he was ordered to pay €300 in legal fees on top of the original punishment and added insult to injury by sentencing him to three months in prison for good measure.

Poppe is understandably preparing to appeal that ruling and is currently looking for a lawyer to represent him when he hopefully appears in front of a judge who possesses an iota of common sense.