43 Of The Best Damn Photos On The Internet This Afternoon

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Welcome! It’s my job to bring you the best funny memes of 2018 each day. Here at BroBible, I put out the ‘Best Damn Photos’ daily pic dump in the morning and afternoon, 52 weeks a year. This is your one-stop shop for the best funny memes, classical art memes, photos, sexy fishing pics, advice animals, Tumblr jokes, and more. Check in each day for the best memes of 2018.

I’ve been publishing the ‘Best Damn Photosdaily pic dump for the better part of a decade and if there’s one thing I’ve learned over time it’s that there is always a fresh feed of funny memes to be found each day. You could spend your entire day looking for the freshest and funniest memes around but it’s my job to save you time and put them all into an easily digestible gallery for you to share with friends.

If you have awesome pictures or funny memes that you think should be featured here on BroBible then let me know! There are three ways to send me your funny memes to be featured here on BroBible: 1) tag your Instagram photos with #BroBible on Instagram (follow us at @BroBible), 2) email me your funny photos to cass@brobibledotcom, or 3) tweet me your funniest memes and pics to @casspa on Twitter.

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And don’t get me started on data and data!

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I am now wise 😂

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Fajitas On Sight #KanyeDoingMemes

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Does it really get any better than Laphroaig? No, it doesn’t.

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Slàinte mhath! #Laphroaig #Scotch #OpinionsWelcome

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This man’s a genius @middleclassfancy

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One of the stranger whiskey glass designs I’ve seen. I’ll be honest, I dig it.

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Ol reliable #usuckatgolf

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This looks like a man who has life figured out. I have no idea who he is or what he does. But I trust that he’s made some right decisions along the way.

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Eat fresh… i guess?

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We eatin good #KanyeDoingMemes

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Is this what Heaven looks like? I think this is what heaven looks like.

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A+ Mahi-Mahi colored outfit going on here.

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Happy Wednesday 🔥☕️ @chrisxcigars

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This mini-mangrove snapper is too small to keep but it’ll make a great meal one day for someone or some fish.

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Sunday Morning Essentials. I dont go to church but that doesnt mean I dont believe in a higher power. Sundays should absolutely be a day to reflect and give thanks to the almighty, who ever that might be to you. Buddha, God, Allah and so many others across the universe. Each should be respected and all the lessons they teach certainly have common ground. I believe you should always do unto others the way you would expect them to do unto you. Be kind, be humble, be grateful. Most importantly, be positive… negativity breeds hate and anger, both of which every religion discourages for good reason. The more positively you think, the lesser the weight on your shoulders and the easier it is to be happy. Dont let negativity weigh you down. Create your own happiness in your mind and you'll be amazed how easily it spreads through your actions. Like attracts like…positive attracts positive… check the people around you and make sure they are on the same page… ever notice how misery loves company? That's NOT a coincidence. You attract what you think and that creates energy that attracts the same… THINK POSITIVE… What's the worst that could happen?😉 #goodvibes #positivity #happysunday

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That’s a chunk redfish on a fly rod. Great catch!

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An eye for an eye @9gagmobile

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This has to be one of the most Miami photographs I’ve ever seen in my life. The fish, the colors, everything.

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CYBER MONDAY THANKSGIVING GIVEAWAY!- Winner: @oside_kayak_guy! Congrats and thanks to all for entering! More giveaways coming! 💥 You guys have been asking for one of these for a while, so here ya go! 🎵Enter to win your own @ecoxgear #EcoSlate Blue Tooth SPEAKER as seen in picture! 🎵 It's waterproof/dust proof, it floats, rough & rugged, shockproof, flashlight with 3 levels, charges your USB devices. Small enough to fit in a bag or strap on with carabiner. Great for all outdoor enthusiasts! Here are the rules: 🎵-Must like this pic 🎵-Must be following @soulfishingash 🎵- Must be following @ecoxgear 🎵- Comment with by tagging 2 friends who would love an @ecoxgear! (Every 2 friends tagged is an additional entry) The winner will be announced this Wednesday at 9pm ET. Good Luck! . . . #outdoorspeaker #bluetoothspeaker #speaker #rugged #waterproof #floatable #music #jams #outdoors #hunting #hiking #kayaking #fishing #camping #climbing #beach #giveaway #freeshit #enternow #girlswhofish #peacockbass #bassfishing #getoutside #whatgetsyououtdoors

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