The Very Best Reactions To The Bill Burr Cancellation Attempts After GRAMMY’s Jokes Ignite Twitter

The Recording Academy

Bill Burr appeared on the GRAMMYs Premiere show for no longer than a Dua Lipa song and nearly brought the interwebs to its digital knees.

Burr mocked the pianist who performed directly before him, butchered a winner’s name, and ridiculed feminists while presenting the best “Tropical Latin Album.”

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Burr’s inclusion in the historically humorous event was a curious choice, especially after his Saturday Night Live monologue claiming white women hijacked the feminist movement from women of color prompted several long-winded Think Pieces and a slew of “ban white men” tweets.

Of the millions who watched the GRAMMY’s yesterday, it was clear that many hadn’t acclimated themselves to the brand of comedy that has catapulted Burr to the top of the mountain.

But for the rest of us, it was *Michael Jackson eating popcorn GIF* (Can I still say the M word?)

Those who were offended by Burr’s jokes, you have every right to be. Those who were not, same. Why do we continue to complicate this?