Bill Burr Gives Advice To Patriots Fans On How To Deal With Devastating Super Bowl Loss On ‘Conan’

Bill Burr, who is arguably the best comedian right now, is also a huge Boston sports fan. Burr is also probably Conan O’Brien’s favorite guest and is on his show regularly. So when the New England Patriots secured a spot in Super Bowl 52, the producers of Conan eagerly booked ole Billy boy to appear on the show the day after the big game. At worst they would have an exuberant Bill Burr if the Pats won, at best they would have a cantankerous and salty Bill Burr if the Eagles won. A win-win no matter the outcome of the Super Bowl. The Eagles won and Bill Burr attempted to do the show despite being devastated by the Patriots’ loss.

A full day later, ole Billy Boyardee was definitely discombobulated by the devastating loss by the Patriots. “I knew this was stupid taking a booking the day after the Super Bowl,” Burr lamented. Burr was so distraught over the Patriots’ Super Bowl loss that he started a fight with his wife over Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction from the Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime show that happened 14 years ago. “It was network television, I wouldn’t take my balls out on NBC at the game, and expect that people watching wouldn’t have a problem with it,” Burr pointed out.

Ole Billy Redface commented on the trick play where Tom Brady was a receiver, but he just couldn’t reel in the pass. “He shoulda laid out, it’s the Super Bowl,” Burr said. “On that play, you actually saw his age. When he stands in the pocket he looks 25, the second he starts running it’s like, ‘dude, I can “D” this guy up.'” Burr also pointed out Brady’s lack of athleticism from last year’s Super Bowl when Brady threw an interception to Atlanta Falcons cornerback Robert Alford, who returned it for a touchdown, despite Brady attempting to make a diving tackle. “Last year, when he threw that pick-six, when he dove to tackle that guy, it looked like somebody threw a dead body out of a car.” “When he stands in the pocket he’s like an astronaut,” Burr said.

The great comedian also trashed NBC analyst Chris Collingsworth for his commentary on the successful trick play with Nick Foles. “The Patriots, JUST ran THAT play, and you act like you’ve never seen it before,” Burr said. For Patriots fans and any other fans who have suffered a loss in the championship game Burr has some sage advice on how to deal with the disappointment. “When your team loses a championship game you don’t go on Facebook, you don’t go on Twitter, you don’t answer your phone, you just do that until baseball season and it’s fine.” Best losing the championship advice ever.